Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Not So Good Night in the Kitchen

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It's not often I make something that makes me toss my plate on the coffee table and say "I can't eat that shit." Well, tonight was the night.

Finally delving into Veganomicon, I tried the Chickpea Cutlets(p133) with the Mustard Sauce(p204). I went with the baking method rather than pan frying for the cutlets, and it's likely they were dry because I held them too long waiting for the side dish, and I may have made them a bit too thin, but they didn't have much flavor and were really really hard. I'd try again though, adding some spices and going with a pan fry. That doesn't change the mustard sauce though. Blargh! Now I'm a big mustard fan, but this stuff was just Not. Good. Yeah, my cooking sherry was probably past its prime, but even still, even if it was a bit vinegary, it should have worked with the sauce overall. I will NOT be making this sauce again.

The side dish tonight was Acorn Squash with Tomatoes, Chard, and Pine Nuts from The Vegan Gourmet. We made this last year for our non-thanksgiving and it was fantastic. This time, not so much. Just like for the dinner last year, I had to call V in to help on this one because I was getting a little behind in making everything come out together. This time we followed the recipe exactly (except we used red chard)--last time V kind of went off on his own, as he does, and made it his way and made it d-lish. Well the gods know sometimes that's just what you have to do, and that's how we should have done it this time. Edible, but nothing like it was the last time we made it. Still a great recipe, very colorful and makes a beautiful table (if you're setting a table and not eating on your sofa like usual), it just didn't turn out so hot this time but neither of us could figure exactly why.

I ate some of it, but made my meal from yesterday's Mac & Cheeze(p52) from Cozy Inside. Now THAT was good and worth making again and again.

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