Monday, November 5, 2007


Not much to blog about today (though there is a news story I'd like to address later), but I do want to mention (especially for the DC peeps and visitors) that ten vegans dined at Nirvana tonight. Of course dinner with like-minded people is always good and refreshing from the "outside world." There's no explaining. No avoiding sensitive topics because you might "offend" someone during dinner--though no one seems to mind offending vegans during dinner. No compromising on the restaurant just so you can "find something" to eat.

Anyway, Nirvana is a particularly wonderful spot because it's all veg, mostly vegan or veganizable. In fact, it may be one of my new favorites for many reasons, but especially because it's about a mile and half from our house, the people are nice and helpful, the service attentive, and of course the food is DAMN GOOD. V had the vindaloo (heh--V for Vindaloo!) and I had one of my all-time loves, aloo gobi. H was kind enough to share her dosa and the three of us dabbled a bit from each other's plates.

So, good food, good friends, new people (even representin' from OCanada). If you live here, lemme know when you wanna go. If you don't, we're going when you visit. Especially you JenF, cuz I know you loves you some Indian foodstuff.

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