Friday, November 16, 2007

Greek Stuffing

Wow, what a slacker. No posts since Sunday. I have failed in NaBloPoMo in a big way. But hey, if you gonna do it, do it big.

The pumpkin spice bread was a big hit at work. People grubbed it right up (yeah, you know who you are!).

Monday was D's birthday, so dinner at the Playbill. Tuesday was class. Wednesday was back in the kitchen! I made the Greek Stuffing from Cozy Inside. I was a bit leary of the raisins and the cinnamon--and with good reason. The recipe is good and the dish turned out just fine, it's just a personal taste thing that made both V and me less than crazy about this one. I think I'll try it again--because the wild rice and seitan were superb--but go with a savory flair next time. And probably more garlic, cuz, well, it's more garlic.

Although there's no pic of the Greek Stuffing, here is a pic of the two most adorable dogs on the planet taken that same night. How do I know they're the most adorable dogs? JUST LOOK! And see if this doesn't make you want to sing "Maggie got a big ole butt, oh yeah!"

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