Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boy do I suck

Wow. Has it really been since MAY that I blogged? About anything? I suppose now that we've moved, and Nannie is about to move in, I'll get back to normal, cook more, and start blogging again. You know, cuz sooo many people read this thing. haha

I should make something good for dinner and get a pic. Last night we had hot dogs and a salad. That doesn't exactly make for interesting discussion, I suppose.


Melomel said...

Yeah, really! I mean, think of your public! :-P

Next time you're in Austin, we'll have to go to Dog Almighty, which has kick-ass vegan chili dogs. It's becoming our default place to get a quick bite when we're with omnis.

Mindy said...

Welcome back! :)