Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Abortion Redacted"

Are you fucking kidding me??

As if the assault on human rights, women's rights, and intellectual freedom in general weren't our lovely government is trying to ban the term abortion altogether. POPLINE, the database on reproductive health, recently "banned," and reinstated (thank you, Johns Hopkins), the ability to search for information on abortion. Salon has a nice, quick and dirty synopsis here.

Really? This doesn't even require comment, I'm sure.

Yet again, I'm embarrassed to be an Amerikkun. Get your fucking "laws" out of my uterus and out of my health databases. I typically flip off the USAID when passing by the Reagan Building, henceforth they get the double bird--typically reserved for motorcades (just in case) and the helicopters flying frequently overhead.


Ginger said...

Slightly off-topic - I generally flip off the Peace Corps headquarters when I drive past it, although I feel a little guilty when I do because they are trying to do good work. But still. I have to.

Allison said...

Hi. This is Allison, Ginger's sister. I was just writing because my new roommate is vegan and I thought it would be nice if I could come up with some easy, delicious recipes. Sounds like you are the person to ask! If you ever have a moment and have some good ideas, would you please email me? I would appreciate it!!! My email is Thanks!

... said...

what does this have to do with Peace Corps, Ginger??

BTW, Lisa, my favorite movie is Charade, come we never figured this out when we worked together?